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Beware of Imitations

Over the past few years the number of meth contaminated properties around New Zealand has grown significantly and as the media shine a light on what is now becoming an epidemic, there is now even more misleading information and misguided advice around what property owners should do to protect their investments.

Some of this misguided advice has been because the Meth Decontamination industry is relatively new and the technology surrounding it continues to develop, however in other instances, much of this advice has been concocted by ‘cowboys’ wanting to take advantage of the public’s lack of understanding and in doing so, make a quick buck.

At Decon Solutions, we are all qualified Decontamination Technicians who have been trained by leading industry experts. We are up-to-date with the latest information and technology from around the world which allows us to offer our customers factual and honest advice and the best services possible. What separates us from many of our competitors, is that we will only ‘strip’ your property if it is absolutely necessary…

Beware of imitations! Some misconceptions around decontamination are:

"You can paint over the meth with a special paint." If only it was that easy! Painting over meth contamination will not contain the problem, the contamination will bleed through the paint.

"You can keep your carpet and just get it cleaned." Unfortunately, once contaminated, carpet and underlay can not be salvaged by cleaning. In all cases, your carpet will be treated as ‘hazardous waste’ and will need to be disposed of.

"The only way to decontaminate your property is to do a complete strip out." This is a costly way to remediate your house. Your property may require a ‘strip-out’ but only when extremely high levels of contamination are detected by the lab. In most cases, we can decontaminate your property with our cleaning process.
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